Kalamazoo, MI (LFFH)

Westside Chapel is part of Langeland Family Funeral Homes and is located in Kalamazoo, MI. Entering into contract with Zion Church Builders in 2003, construction began in March 2003.

This project consisted of building a 11,027 square foot new funeral home.  The new building includes a chapel (seating 181), two visitation rooms, prep room, dressing room, flower room, selection room, arrangement room, offices, lobby, restrooms, storage rooms, and public lounge.  Construction was finished in 2004.  The project's final budget came in at $1,251,718.25 (including all site work).  In April 2011, Zion Church Builders began construction on a 5,241 square foot addition to the existing building consisting of an additional visitation room, reception area (which can be separated into two rooms), restrooms, foyer, and small storage basement. Construction was finished in December 2011.  The project's final budget came in at $820,414.67 (including site work).  ZCB completed both projects for around $128.00 per square foot.

Construction Team

  • Construction Manager
    • Zion Church Builders, Inc
    • Kalamazoo, MI
  • Architect
    • J. Stuart Todd, Architects
    • Dallas, TX
  • Structural Engineer
    • Hunt & Joiner, Inc.
    • Dallas, TX
  • PME Engineer
    • Schmidt & Stacy
    • Dallas, TX