Our History

Zion Church Builders began in 1965. Our founders were dedicated to developing a program which would combine all necessary professional services to design and build quality structures at a reduced cost. At that time, the decision was made to limit our program to religious structures exclusively. We have worked with more than 1400 congregations in 45 different states since our beginning.

Our Goal

"Has always been to provide our clients with the best professional services available."

Our Pledge

We are grateful for this opportunity to tell you about Zion Church Builders. Should you choose us to provide you with our Design / Build Program, we pledge to commit our combined expertise and personnel in order to help you design and build your new facility.

Our Philosophy

The goal of Zion Church Builders has always been to provide our clients with the best professional services available. We are dedicated to the belief that every new church is deserving of its own original concept of design and function. This policy eliminates stock or off-the-shelf type plans which seldom provide an adequate solution to the individual needs of every church.

In projecting the full scope of our dedication and experience, we wish to state that no church is too small or too large to fit into our Design / Build Program. We have worked with groups as small as 18 and as large as 2000. The continuance of our business has been almost solely dependent upon referral by satisfied congregations of previously built facilities.