Built with Trust

Any building today represents a considerable investment and should be fully protected in each phase. Our program is designed to do this for you. We strive to meet your congregational needs, yet stay within your projected budget.

You will not find a more economical way to construct a church or educational unit with greater stewardship for your congregation than with our Design / Build Program. Our program can take you from the Master Planning stages all the way to occupancy of your new building!

Simply contact us at Zion Church Builders and we will arrange a meeting with you and your building committee to explain our program in greater detail and discuss your specific needs. This service is offered at no cost or obligation to the church.

Phase 1

  • Consultation and Studies Master Planning
    • Meeting with building committee and explanation of program
    • Examine property
    • Determine present and future requirements
    • Determine budget
  • Preliminary plans
    • Attractive concept
    • Functional layout
    • Approval of the building committee

Phase 2

  • Cost Estimating
    • Construction drawings
    • Specifications (when required)
    • Acceptance (by all concerned)

Phase 3

  • Cost Estimating
    • Material
    • Labor
    • Itemized cost estimate
  • Contracting
    • Serve as Agent for the church during construction bidding and schedule
    • Sub-contracting coordination
    • Arrange for purchasing of materials
  • Supervision
    • General supervision
    • Arrange for job supervision
  • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping (done by church under our direction)
    • Insurance (help to arrange for adequate coverage)
    • Final audit
  • Reports
    • Progress
    • Audit printout to committee