Marshall, MI

Kempf Funeral Home is located in Marshall, MI. Entering into contract with Zion Church Builders in 2008, construction began in August 2008.

This project consisted of building a 20,765 square foot new funeral home.  The new building includes a chapel (seating 143), two staterooms (seating 56 each), prep room/cooler, dressing room, flower room, selection room, employee lounge, arrangement rooms, offices, lobby, restrooms, clergy room, storage rooms, and two reception areas (each with own kitchenette), basement, and four-stall garage.  Construction was finished in September 2009.  The project's final budget came in at $2,866,083.45 (including all site work).  Zion Church Builders was able to complete this project at $138.00 per square foot.  Under the ownership of Craig Kempf, this funeral home is a staple in its community and is highly sought after from families around the area to celebrate the lives of their loved ones that have passed.  The project team for Kempf Funeral Home were as follows:  David Simpson, Project Superintendent/Project Manager; Jim Hinze, General Superintendent

Construction Team

  • Construction Manager
    • Zion Church Builders, Inc
    • Kalamazoo, MI
  • Architect
    • J. Stuart Todd, Architects
    • Dallas, TX
  • Structural Engineer
    • Britt Peters & Associates
    • Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • PME Engineer
    • RAI Engineering
    • Irving, TX